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No 33 (2020/1)

This issue of the Newsletter comes from a previous world: it was planned well before the pandemic and the disruption that came with it…

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No 32 (2019/2)

In this issue we had two big events to cover: the global event which took place on May 12th, in memory of Maryam Mirzakhani, and the two-week GoMath at ETH Zurich…

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No 31 (2019/1)

When we planned this issue two of the topics were quite obvious: in fact, 2018 has been the year of the ICM in Rio and we had the EWM General Meeting, held in Graz last September.

We covered all that, and, as usual, we also have inspiring interviews, event reports and much more.
We hope you will enjoy this issue!

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No 30 (2018)

I’m very excited to introduce this new issue, which is the first one completely online.

This issue is still a bit ‘beta’: we have been tinkering with the website for quite a while now and we will optimise things with time.
We think it is a big leap, which will improve also the diffusion of our activities, and we hope you will enjoy the read.

And don’t miss the message we received from the EWM Convenors about the ICM.

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No 29 (2017/2)

Dear Reader,

First of all, I would like to welcome Francesca Arici and Olga Kuznetsova to the editorial team and to thank  Jasmin Raissy, who decided to step down,  for all the work she has done.

The EWM Newsletter is in general dedicated to the present: we interview mathematicians and highlight current or future events. In this edition,  memory plays an important part.

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No 28 (2017/1)

Dear Reader,

In the previous issue we announced a new format for the newsletter, to go with the re-organization of the EWM website. Works for the new website are still in progress, but nevertheless we decided to publish a new issue with the usual PDF structure.

In this edition we interviewed Carolina Araujo, from IMPA, who is one of the organizors of the next ICM 2018 in Rio de Janeiro; Elena Resmerita, our current Deputy-Convenor, elected during the EWM General Assembly in Berlin in July, and Elisabetta Strickland, who recently authored a beautiful biography of Mary Somerville, which is also reviewed here.

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No 27 (2016)

The highlights of the issue are three interviews: with Claire Voisin who won the 2016 CNRS gold medal; with Alessandra Celletti, member of the EWM Scientific Committee and the new Editor-in-Chief of Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, and with Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, our new Convenor, elected at the EWM General Assembly in Berlin in July (together with Elena Resmerita as Co-Convenor). Moreover, we publish here the report of the General Assembly, together with reports on the Women of Mathematics Exhibition and the meeting of the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics.

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No 26 (2015)

In this issue, we mainly concentrate on the reports from the 17th EWM general meeting that was held in Cortona in September. We have the minutes of the general meeting, reports from the organisers of the special scientific sessions and plenty of photographs of the event.

There is news of upcoming events, and we also feature an interview with Sylvie Paycha and her co-organisers of a Women in Mathematics photography exhibition that will open next summer in Berlin.

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No 25 (2014/2)

In this issue, we advertise the upcoming 17th EWM general meeting, and have an interesting report from the recent ICWM in Seoul, including news of a new women in maths website that was set up during this meeting. We also feature interviews with Shihoko Ishii, Alicia Dickenstein (the newly-elected vice-president of the IMU), and Betül Tanbay. Country reports from Spain and Turkey are included too, as is a report on activities taking place in France. As usual, a series of miscellanea are pointed out at the end of this issue.

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No 24 (2014/1)

In this issue, we first introduce our new editor Jasmin Raissy who is replacing Elena Resmerita. Then you can find details of several upcoming events, notably the 6th EWM summer school and the second ICWM, a satellite meeting to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul.

We also feature an interview with Budi Nurani Rachjana, the head of the Indonesian Mathematical Society.

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No 23 (2013/2)

This issue is dedicated to the EWM general meeting which took place in September 2013 at the Hausdorff Centre for Mathematics, Bonn. A report and the minutes of the meeting are included below, followed by interesting data related to gender in Math publications provided by colleagues from Zentralblatt Math (presented also at the meeting).

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No 22 (2013/1)

In this Newsletter

– 2013- The Mathematics of Planet Earth
– Report from Mathematics-Computing-Education (MCE) conference, Pushchino, Russia
– Women in Mathematics Day 2013 – Isaac Newton Institute
– Launch of the London Mathematical Society “Advancing Women in Mathematics”
– The 12th Forum of Young Mathematicians, Paris in 2012
– Interviews: Christiane Rousseau, Galina Riznichenko, Gert-Martin Greuel
– Upcoming events

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No 21 (2012/2)

In this Newsletter

-report of EWM activities at 6ECM Krakow
-interviews of Corinna Ulcigrai and Sophie Morel, EMS prize winners
-situation in France and in Romania
-information on future 2013 events (16th general EWM meeting, ICTP summer school)

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