06 Dec 2016

EWM Newsletter no. 27 (2016)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dear Reader,
As the new coordinator of the Editorial Team, let me present Newsletter no. 27 with a few words. This issue marks a change: from the next issue, we will be changing the newsletter’s format and are planning a new webpage for it. The change of format will be a good occasion to add new sections to the newsletter, for which we have already collected a few very interesting suggestions and we hope to receive many more.
Starting with this issue the Editorial Team acquired another new member, Mihaela Pricop-Jeckstadt from TU Dresden; together with Mihaela we welcome to EWM Kaie Kubjas, from Aalto Science Institute, our new Deputy Treasurer.
The highlights of the issue are three interviews: with Claire Voisin who won the 2016 CNRS gold medal; with Alessandra Celletti, member of the EWM Scientific Committee and the new Editor-in-Chief of Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, and with Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, our new Convenor, elected at the EWM General Assembly in Berlin in July (together with Elena Resmerita as Co-Convenor). Moreover, we publish here the report of the General Assembly, together with reports on the Women of Mathematics Exhibition and the meeting of the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics.
Let me finish by expressing our deepest gratitude to Susanna Terracini and Angela Pistoia, for the great job they did as past Convenor and Co-Convenor and special thanks to Anne Taormina for creating a database of UK women mathematicians and for inviting them to join our network: the importance of the creation of national databases of women scientists has been stressed again during the General Assembly, chapeau to Anne for having made the UK one.
Anna Maria Cherubini

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