pictorial history of EWM was prepared for EWM 25 years. A presentation of EWM and AWMA (African Women in Mathematics Association) appears here. Several texts about the history of EWM also appear in EWM Newsletter 18 (2011/1).


EWM was created in december 1986, after the participation of several european mathematicians to a roundtable organized at the International Congress of Mathematics in Berkeley by the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Biennal meetings

Every other year, meetings have been organized in various european countries.

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  • Paris, France 1986
  • Copenhagen, Denmark 1987
  • Warwick, UK 1988
  • Lisbon, Portugal 1990
  • Marseille,France 1991
  • Warsaw, Poland 1993
  • Madrid, Spain 1995
  • Trieste, Italy 1997
  • Loccum, Germany 1999
  • Malta 2001
  • Luminy, France 2003
  • Volgograd, Russia 2005
  • Cambridge, UK 2007
  • Novi Sad, Serbia 2009
  • Barcelona, Spain 2011
  • Bonn, Germany, 2013
  • Cortona , Italy, 2015
  • Graz, Austria, 2018

For example in ICTP Trieste in 1997, there were 98 participants from 30 different countries.



Anna Romanowska convenor


Sylvie Paycha convenor

Capi Corrales deputy


Laura Fainsilber convenor

Irene Sciriha deputy convenor

Inna Yemelyanova deputy convenor

2000- 2001

Irene Sciriha convenor

Christine Bessenrodt deputy convenor

Laura Fainsilber deputy convenor


Ljudmila Bordag convenor

Irene Sciriha deputy convenor

Francine Diener deputy convenor


Laura Tedeschini-Lalli convenor

Marjo Lipponen deputy convenor

Marie Demlova deputy convenor


Marjo Lipponen convenor

Karma Dajani deputy convenor

Laura Tedeschini-Lalli deputy convenor


Frances Kirwan convenor

Marjo Lipponen deputy convenor


Marie-Francoise Roy convenor

Frances Kirwan deputy convenor


Marie-Francoise Roy convenor

Lisbeth Fajstrup deputy convenor


Susanna Terracini convenor

Angela Pistoia deputy convenor


Carola Bibiane-Schönlieb convenor

Elena Resmerita deputy convenor


Andrea Walther convenor

Kaie Kubjas deputy convenor

Women in Mathematics committee of the EMS

In 1991  the European Mathematical Society set up a Women in Maths committee. With EWM’s help, they collected statistics about women mathematicians across Europe. The WiM committee organised a round table discussion at the first European Congress of Mathematics in Paris 1992.


Between 1987 and 1991 we set up our basic structure of convenor, standing committee and coordinators. By 1993 we had established an office in Helsinki and were registered as a legal organisation in Finland … as the EMS had been in 1990. In 1994 EWM set up an email net and in 1997  announced a web page!

Scientific committee

Following the Cambridge meeting EWM worked with the EMS Women in Maths committee to set up a group of leading women mathematicians to advise  on scientific programmes and speakers for EWM meet ings and other related events.