Ending gender inequality in maths is teamwork

Since the foundation in 1986, the European Women in Mathematics have involved in policy and strategic work in promoting the role of women in mathematics and offers direct support to our members. We have given 300 women better chances to succeed. We have been fortunate to work with the European Mathematical Society, national mathematical societies and regional women societies, who help us promote gender equality in mathematics. We welcome companies to join us to empower more women in mathematics.


Gender bias in research has tangible impact on people’s lives. For example, facial recognition trained on white males will struggle to recognise women, people of colour and transgender individuals. And it is harder to recognise biases while working in a homogenous team.

Mathematics is pervasive in science and engineering. Yet only 15% of maths publications are authored by women.


Participation in scientific conferences is critical for a successful academic career. This is where a researcher can share their results, get feedback, start new projects and find a job.

Our travel grant enables women to participate in leading events in their research fields. After the COVID19 pandemic, we will expand the grant programme to support conference childcare arrangements.

Thanks to its international scope, our mentorship programme allows to match prospective mentees and mentors with similar backgrounds and interests. Besides opening up a different perspective on academic work, both parties give each other feedback, which is rare to find in day-to-day work.

“I loved how we instantly had a very open way of talking to each other. It felt like we were colleagues who had met before and just picked up the conversation.” 

We work with other institutions to promote policies that support gender equality in mathematics. We were one of the founding partners is establishing May 12 as the Day of Women in Mathematics. Our latest campaign addresses the impact of COVID19 on women in mathematics. 


Collaborate with leading researchers

EWM members have excellent academic standing and will be valuable additions to your boards and possible research collaborators.

Improve knowledge inflow

EWM can help connect you to experts in relevant mathematical research and help organise workshops to share the latest scientific advancements.

Support minority employees

Give your minority employees access to our international support network and mentorship programme.
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