European Women in Mathematics is an international association of women working in the field of mathematics in Europe. Founded in 1986, EWM has several hundred members and coordinators in 33 European countries.

Every other year, EWM holds a general meeting and a summer school. A newsletter is published at least twice a year, EWM has a website, a facebook group and an e-mail network EWM-ALL.

European Women in Mathematics aims at:


Encouraging women to study mathematics


Supporting women in their careers


Providing a meeting place for like-minded people


Promoting scientific communication


Cooperating with groups and organizations with similar goals

Giving prominence and visibility to women mathematicians
Spreading their vision of mathematics and science

In particular gathering statistics about the situation of women in mathematics  in Europe.

EWM members on EWM

Explore more about EWM in this 3 part video of short interviews made during the 14th EWM meeting in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2009.

Women and Mathematics across Cultures

This 25-minute video was produced by European Women in Mathematics (EWM). Directed by Marjatta Näätänen (University of Helsinki), it profiles the stories of four women mathematicians with careers based in Europe and N. & S. America. The women recount their personal experiences, and look at the impact of cultural pressures and differences.