20 Oct 2013

EWM Newsletter no. 23 (2013/2)

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Sara Munday and Elena Resmerita

This issue is dedicated to the EWM general meeting which took place in September 2013 at the Hausdorff Centre for Mathematics, Bonn. A report and the minutes of the meeting are included below, followed by interesting data related to gender in Math publications provided by colleagues from Zentralblatt Math (presented also at the meeting).

The interviews focus on the change of convenor: Marie-Francoise Roy (former convenor) and Susanna Terracini (new convenor), and on Tamar Ziegler, a guest speaker at Bonn who has been the European Mathematics Society 2013 lecturer.

The series of articles on the STEM situation in different European countries continues here with Germany and Italy.

An article published a few years ago in the magazine “Role Model Book” of the Nagoya University, Japan is included courtesy to its author: Yukari Ito.

Prestigious prizes for research awarded to woman mathematicians this year in Europe are highlighted.

A series of announcements on Math events and miscellanea are pointed out at the end of this issue.

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