Institutional membership

Institutional membership at EWM is open to research institutes and accredited universities/departments. Institutional members’ benefits are visibility on the EWM website and on EWM activities (conferences, workshops, job advertisements, newsletter, etc.).

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ThisisEngineering RAEng
ThisisEngineering RAEng


As an EWM institutional member you contribute towards:

  • giving prominence and visibility to women mathematicians
  • strengthening connections across the European community of
  • encouraging women to study mathematics
  • promoting scientific communication
  • providing a meeting place for like-minded people


The institutional membership has a cost of 300 Euros per year. Membership fees should be paid at the beginning of the year and are, in general, intended for the calendar year in which the payment took place. Please discuss deviations from this process with our deputy treasurer via .

Ways of paying your instituitonal membership fees

Ways of paying your institutional membership fees:

IBAN transfer with pre-invoice

If you need a pre-invoice to enable your transfer, please write to with your institutional data.

IBAN transfer with payment confirmation

Transaction data:

Beneficiary Name: Euroopan naismatemaatikot ry
Subject: Institutional Membership for [Institution Name, YEAR]
Currency: EUR
IBAN: FI76 1544 3000 3109 82 SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH

Credit card payment

Our payment processing platform “stripe” allows payment with a number of credit cards and local payment circuits e.g. Przelewy24 (Poland) or Multibanco (Portugal). Institutions can sign up for a yearly subscription or a one time payment.

After completing the transaction,  please write to with the following data:

  • institution name
  • address as to be mentioned on the confirmation

Receipt for your membership fee payment

EWM issues digital receipts as default. If these are not sufficient for you, and you need a hard copy, please email .

How you can support EWM's mission


Inform your staff about EWM’s mission and activities.

If you would like to have certain activities sent to you personally, please contact


Share your vacancies with EWM members.


How to submit job offers:


Reshare EWM’s activities on twitter.