Editorial Team

Anna Maria Cherubini

Università del Salento, Lecce (IT)

I am a researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of University of Salento. The topics of my current research are random dynamical systems and critical transitions in complex systems. I am also passionate about the many-faceted world of women in science and trying to do my part to help things change for the better.

I am the coordinator of the EWM newsletter team.




Francesca Arici

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig (DE)

I am a mathematical physicist, passionate about making mathematical research achievements accessible to the general public.  I was awarded a PhD in mathematical physics from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy in 2015. Currently, I am working as a social media and science relation officer with part-time research duties. My scientific research interests are in the field of noncommutative geometry and I am interested in its interplay with theoretical physics.

Email: arici[at]mis.mpg.de

Olga Kuznetsova

Aalto University, Helsinki (FI)

I am a Master’s student and my research is in coding theory and combinatorics. My plan is to start a PhD in algebraic statistics in the near future. Before mathematics, I spent several years in management consulting and start-ups and completed a degree at Helsinki School of Economics.  In my opinion, the EWM plays an important role in supporting female mathematicians and I am happy that my background is useful for the organization. In addition to being part of this (absolutely awesome!) team, I also manage website development and help with marketing.

Email: olga.kuznetsova[at]aalto.fi