Frequently Asked Questions


I want to become EWM member what should I do ?

If you want to join us, register here.

How do I pay my annual fees?

Please follow the instructions here.

I have an old paypal account that I never use but it prevented me to pay my fees with my credit cart

You can delete your PayPal account by yourself or by contacting PayPal.


I noticed that there is no EWM coordinator in my country, what should I do ?

If you are interested or you know someone that would be interested, please contact us.


I do not want to be a EWM member but I want to receive information about EWM activities.

You can consult on a regular basis our website and  subscribe to our newsletters on the homepage or via the direct links in the descriptions below:

– The mailing list for the official EWM Newsletter. We typically produce two issues per year. Each issue contains an amalgamation of interviews with distinguished women mathematicians, discussions and best practices about addressing gender equality in mathematics, and news and reports from the network. You can subscribe directly here and read the past issues here.

– EWM Job Offers is where we share the academic job openings that are submitted to us. Subscribe directly here.


I want to support EWM without being a member.

Thank you! Your support is very important for us. You can make a PayPal donation here.