Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I become a EWM member?

Community – EWM is a large, active and supportive community of women mathematicians and supporting members. We communicate with each other through our mailing list, newsletter and on social media.

Visibility – EWM makes women mathematicians more visible by keeping a list of distinguished speakers, women portraits, hosting scientific events and more. We also provide links to selected articles and scientific reports on gender equality on our gender studies page.

Mentorship – EWM members offer 1:1 mentoring to younger members to share experiences, get different perspectives, motivate and inspire.

Support – EWM supports women mathematicians by offering conferences and other events to meet each other, advocacy and distributing information through our newsletter, mailing list and job offers. EWM offers travel grants for members who wish to actively participate at scientific events.


For more information, see our mission and reports page.

I want to become EWM member, what should I do?

If you want to join us, register here.

Please don’t forget to insert your home address (legal residence address), as this is required by Finnish law.

We invite you to insert the link to your professional homepage.

How can I verify or change my email address?

It is important that all members have an active and in-use email address at EWM, so that we can reach you if we need to.

Upon registration, you get an email containing a verification link. You can verify your email address by clicking on this verification link.

If you have received a reminder on your email verification, something has gone wrong the first time or while transferring your account to the new homepage. Please just verify your email address by clicking on the link.

If you wish to change your email address, please contact our website admins through

For more questions, ask our website admins through

I cannot find myself on the members list, what should I do?

For privacy reasons, your member profile is invisible by default.

If you wish to be visible on the members list, please login to your profile and click on “public profile” to choose your options.

Please don’t forget to insert your affiliation and academic data (scroll down to find all options).

Why do you ask for my residential address?

EWM is required by Finnish law to keep an up-to-date list of their members, including their residential address. Please update this data in your personal profile if you move.

Rest assured that we will keep your address confidential – it is only visible for authorized personnel at EWM.

How do I pay my annual fees?

Please follow the instructions here.


I noticed that there is no EWM coordinator in my country, what should I do ?

If you are interested or you know someone that would be interested, please contact us.


I do not want to be a EWM member but I want to receive information about EWM activities and Job offers for women mathematicians.

You can consult on a regular basis our website and  subscribe to our newsletters on the homepage or via the direct links in the descriptions below:

– The mailing list for the official EWM Newsletter. We typically produce two issues per year. Each issue contains interviews with distinguished women mathematicians, discussions and best practices about addressing gender equality in mathematics, and news and reports from the network. You can subscribe directly here and read the past issues here.

– EWM Job Offers is where we share the academic job openings that are submitted to us. Subscribe directly here.


I want to support EWM without being a member.

Thank you! Your support is very important for us. You can make a PayPal donation here.

I am an institution in the public or private sector and want to support EWM.

Thank you! Your support is very important for us. We offer corporate partnerships and institutional membership for academic institutions. For more information on institutional membership, please visit this page.


How much does it cost to post a job offer?

EWM serves the mathematical community through community events, grants, mentoring, dissemination of information and much more. In the last year, our job newsletter  became increasingly popular, and EWM had to invest a high amount of its resources to keep it up and running.

Therefore, starting from 2022, the EWM Standing Committee has decided to charge 200 EUR per job posting, unless the Job

  • is posted by an EWM member personally for a position on their institute.
  • is posted by an EWM institutional member or corporate partner

In particular this fee applies to postings from commercial service agencies, even if they are done on behalf of an academic institution.

I submitted a job posting, but it did not appear on the page. What went wrong?

All job postings are first reviewed by a moderator before they go online. Depending on the amount of job offers received, the postings are published on the web and sent to our members on our Job Offer Newsletter every 3-10 working days.

If your job offer has not appeared on our Job offer page after 10 working days, you can write to for help.

Please note that submissions from commercial organizations are subject to a fee, according to our Job offer pricing.