In order to establish connections between mentor and mentees, interested parties from both sides are asked to fill out the mentorship form which you find on your personal profile page (when logged in, in the tab “Mentorship”).

Note: In order to find a mentor/mentee who “fits to you”, it is important that you really answer all the questions in the above-mentioned form, and have your profile on internal part of the EWM homepage updated with research interests and other information.  You may also leave your professional homepage in the form (please use the comment field).

Several members of the EWM Standing Committee will match a mentor and mentee based on their membership profile information and the information left in the mentorship form. We try to match members with similar research topic, but this may not always be possible. In case you are unhappy with the matching, you may notify the responsible Standing Committee members and ask for a new matching.

The responsible EWM Standing Comittee member will distribute a guidesheet on the mentoring process and contact the mentor-mentee team regularly to get status information.

 We look forward to receiving registrations of interested mentees and mentors!

Note: Similar mentoring programmes exist in the Association of Women in Mathematics and at the Netherlands branch of EWM.