08 Aug 2018

Travel Report from Minoo Kamrani

I would like to thank the committee of European Women in Mathematics for supporting me by the travel grant of developing countries to participate in the 40th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications –SPA 2018’ which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Conference covered interesting topics on probability, Markov processes, random walk in random media and on random graphs, statistics, stochastic ordinary (partial) differential equations, and their numerical solution.

The primary goal of the conference was to bring researchers in stochastic areas such as listed above, from all overthe world, to survey the fields, exchange ideas and to foster future collaborations. Another important goal was to expose young researchers and PhD students to the most recent developments in active areas of stochastic process.

Since my research focuses on numerical solution of stochastic equations, this conference provides a full opportunity for practice and constructive dialogue. This was an ideal platform for an early result of my work because it was an international forum, consists of researchers, education scientists who were experts in stochastic equations.

There were several contributed sessions and plenary talks held by knowledgable scientist such as Alison Etheridge, Davar Khoshnevisan, Anna De Masi and others. One of the most important benefits of the conference was that I had the opportunity to learn about important open problems in the field and also to discuss with some experts. The session “Numerical Methods for S(P)DEs”, has been particularly interesting for me. The contributed talks of this session have offered the audience the opportunity of getting acquainted with recent studies connected to the numerical methods.

I was allowed to deliver an oral presentation in the conference during the session on Approximations and Inference, titled ‘A-Posteriori error estimate for a numerical method based on an exponential scheme‘.

Without any doubt, participating in the ‘40th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Application’s will play a key role in developing my research.

Again I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the European Women in Mathematics and also to Elsevier for their support during my trip to Sweden.

Minoo Kamrani

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