09 Aug 2018


I’m very excited to introduce this new issue, which is the first one completely online.

We have focused in particular on interviews: we talked with Claire Anantharaman-Delaroche (Orléans), Ingrid Daubechies (Duke), Gabriella Pinzari (Padova) and Charlotte Wahl (Leibniz Bibliothek in Hannover). We found inspirational hearing stories and discussing careers so diverse.

We also interviewed Marie-Francoise Roy (Rennes) on the evolution of the Global Gender Gap Project she is leading, that we have presented earlier in this newsletter.

Francesca Arici wrote an article on the nonlinear algebra group at Max Planck Institut in Leipzig, not only describing the research going on there, but also catching the inspiring atmosphere and the attention for diversity. And Olga Kuznetsova writes on mentorship, an activity that EWM is initiating.

This year marks the 30th birthday of EWM so we continue to pay attention to the past, republishing, on a suggestion by Laura Tedeschini, an article from 1988: it is a dialogue between Caroline Series and Maria Losada on the different attitudes towards some gender issues in Europe and Latin America still very interesting to read.

And we collected reports from activities which have taken place in various countries, among them: the EWM Chapter in Germany, the General Assembly of “femmes et mathématiques’ in Paris, the meeting Women at the Intersection of Mathematics and High Energy Physics in Hamburg, the Colombian Meeting on Combinatorics and the Ergodic Theory and Fractal Days in the Netherlands.

As a last remark: Mihaela Pricop-Jeckstadt has left the editorial team and we thank her for the work she has done with us.

This issue is still a bit ‘beta’: we have been tinkering with the website for quite a while now and we will optimise things with time.
We think it is a big leap, which will improve also the diffusion of our activities, and we hope you will enjoy the read.

Anna Maria Cherubini

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