02 Jul 2012

Sophie Morel and Corinna Ucigrai among EMS prizes

Frances Kirwan, chair of the Prizes Committee, and former EWM convenor, announced the ten EMS prizes at the openin ceremony of 6ECM in Krakow.

Among them two women were distinguished.

Sophie Morel, 32 years old, studied mathematics at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, before earning her PhD at Université Paris-Sud, under the direction of Gerard Laumon. Since December 2009, she is a professor at Harvard University. She receives an EMS-prize for her deep and original work in arithmetic geometry and automorphic forms, in particular the study of Shimura varieties, bringing new and unexpected ideas to this field.

Corinna Ucigrai, 32 years old, obtained her diploma in mathematics from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (2002) and defended her PhD in mathematics at Princeton University (2007), under the supervision of Ya. G. Sinai. Since August 2007 she is a Lecturer and a RCUK Fellow at the University of Bristol. An EMS prize is awarded to her for advancing our understanding of dynamical systems and the mathematical characterizations of chaos, and especially for solving a long-standing fundamental question on the mixing property for locally Hamiltonian surface flows. Corinna was one of the lecturers in the EWM general meeting in Barcelona in september 2011.

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