13 Aug 2020

EWM in Macedonia, 2018-2020

As the local coordinator of EWM for Macedonia, I hereby declare the following activities in the abovementioned reporting period:

  •  Sending regular email updates to my female colleagues about all EWM events and activities around the world.
  • Initiate a mini-symposium “Frame theory and asymptotic analysis”.
  • I successfully organized this symposium together with Prof. Diana Stoeva from the Austrian Academy of Science. The symposium took place in Graz, Austria, between 3 and 7 September 2018, in the framework of EWM General Meeting2018. The participants of the mini-symposia were at different levels of their professional careers and came from five different countries, Austria, the USA, Croatia, Denmark, and Macedonia. One participant from Macedonia received a travel and accommodation grant from the organizing committee of the 2018General EWM Meeting. The mini-symposium program encompassed presentations and discussions of the participants in two main topics: (1) Frame Theory and (2) Asymptotic Analysis. The event turned out to be an excellent forum for the exchange of scientific ideas, and for deepening the existing international collaborations and for creating new ones.
  • For the current year, we had a plan to organize a workshop “Macedonian women in Math” in the framework of the 7th Macedonian Mathematical Congress, which is scheduled to take place from 16 to20 September in Struga, Macedonia. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress was postponed and rescheduled for 2021, so we hope to realize this planned workshop next year. Since Malta is a very small country the reported activities are more STEM-related, but there are nevertheless some activities targeting specifically the women in Mathematics.