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  • Dear friends, most likely each of us is locked down and dealing with completely new situations, personally and professionally.
    Have my very best (virtual) hugs and wishes.

    Probably each of us is over-connected these days, still we can support each other, I hope.

    I see two things we could do right for each other now without much work:

    – share what the math communities are doing to overcome isolations. Mathematicians are good at this.

    – share our own impression, material, tricks and tips for online courses to maintain some relationship to the students.

    for the first instance: Italian CNR has made available free to download the serie “science and comics”
    click on the cover to download pdf
    in particular I recommend the issue by Zerocalcare and “The women and math issue”
    all in Italian but maybe many will still enjoy

    for the second (the new way of teaching):
    I am using a lot a “forum” style. I make the material available in advance, and then we discuss issues. Students are much less shy than usual. especially girls. They ask lots of questions and make suggestions to others. I wonder why.
    Other colleagues reported similar observations.

    Stay safe, have my best!

    Laura Tedeschini Lalli

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