06 Mar 2023

PhD position in Aarhus, Denmark, starting from 1st August 2023

Dear all,

I am writing to advertise a PhD position in Aarhus, Denmark, starting from 1st August 2023, under my supervision. Here is the official announcement and the link to apply, with deadline 1st of May, 2023:


Anyone with good background in geometric group theory, or geometry and algebra is strongly encouraged to apply. Applications from female students will be highly welcome.

If you know potential candidates, please let them know about the position, and encourage them to apply. Interested candidates can contact me any time at cociobotaru@aias.au.dk and we can definitely have a friendly chat.

Thank you a lot!
Best wishes,

A short description of the project and position:

The PhD student will carry out research within geometric group theory, as part of a Villum Young Investigator-funded project with a focus on limits of geometries over the p-adic numbers and will be supervised by Corina Ciobotaru. The project will study geometric transitions of p-adic geometric structures, will combine techniques from metric geometry, Lie groups, Bruhat-Tits buildings, symmetric spaces, and will find applications to the representation theory of p-adic Lie groups.

The appointment is for three, or four, years with some teaching duties, and the opportunity of a four-months research stay abroad. The starting date is August 1, 2023. We provide a competitive salary and very good working conditions.

To fulfil the general PhD entry requirements, before the starting date of the PhD position (i.e. August 1, 2023), the applicant must have qualifications equivalent to:
1) either the first year of Master’s degree in Mathematics for a 4-years PhD position,
2) or a completed Master’s degree in Mathematics for a 3-years PhD position.
Please, clearly specify in your cover letter if you apply for a 3-years or 4-years PhD position.

The Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University has very active and vibrant research groups closely related to the project, and a substantial number of advanced courses, weekly research seminars, and conferences on diverse topics. Aarhus offers excellent working and living conditions. The city is located right next to the sea, and it is surrounded by forests. In the vicinity there are plenty of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities.