09 Aug 2018

News from France

Forthcoming activities

The 17th forum for young female mathematicians will take place at the Dupanloup Center of the University of Orléans, November 28-30th, 2018: the main theme will be Mathematics and Life Science. The forum will benefit from grants from the Mathematics and Physics Denis-Poisson Research Federation, the French association SMAI (Society for applied and industrial mathematics), the INSMI-CNRS (Institute for mathematical science and its interactions) and the CNRS Mission pour la place des femmes au CNRS (Mission for the place of women at CNRS) for the mentoring sessions. Financial support from other institutions is still under discussion.
Doctoral and postdoctoral students, men and women, as well as women mathematicians in early stages of their carriers in all areas of mathematics, are welcome to attend and to propose a talk by registering online. The deadline is October 1st.

President of the scientific committee: Anne Estrade (Paris Descartes – Paris V)

Organising committee:
Stéphane Cordier (Orléans)
Christine Georgelin (Tours)
Simona Mancini (Orléans)
Monique Pontier (Toulouse)
Mame Diarra Fall (Orléans)
Marina Ville (Tours)
Marguerite Zani (Orléans), president

Past Activities

The association femmes et mathématiques held its general assembly in March 2018 at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. In a time where in France the government elected in 2017 is very actively pushing reforms, noticeably in education (and also in health care, in justice, and public transport…), a roundtable was organized about “The teaching of mathematics: towards a reform? (L’enseignement des mathématiques: quelles perspectives de réforme?).

A common press release by the representatives of the French associations APMEP (Association for mathematics teachers in public junior and high schools), CFEM (the French commission of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction), SMAI ( French Society for Applied and Industrial mathematics), SMF (Mathematical Society of France) and femmes et mathématiques, stated that all high school students should be given classes in science and in mathematics, every year, the last year of high school included.

A full press release is available (in French).

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