Members List


Besiana Çobani

PhD , Tirana University

Interests: Functional analysis Numerical analysis Ordinary differential equations Partial differential equations

United Kingdom

Sara D\’Attanasio

Interests: Combinatorics Number theory


Iryna Denega

PhD in Mathematical Analysis (2013, Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

Interests: Functions of а complex variaЬle Geometry


Fasma Diele

Master degree in Mathematics, University of Bari, 18/07/1991

Interests: Numerical analysis

Great Britain

Cornelia Drutu

Doctorate, University of Paris 11, Habilitation, University of Lille 1

Interests: Group theory and generalizations


Josephine Dufitinema

Master of Science (Technology) in Technomathematics Lappeenranta University of Technology 29.06.2014

Interests: Statistics


Georgiana Duma

Interests: Algebraic topology Associative rings and algebras Astronomy and astrophysics Biology and other natural sciences Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization Classical thermodynamics, heat transfer Commutative rings and algebras Computer science Field theory and polynomials Fluid mechanics Geophysics Group theory and generalizations History and Biography Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory Mathematical logic апd foundations Mathematics education Mechanics of particles and systems Number theory Operations research, mathematical programming Optics, electromagnetic theory Systems theory; control Topological groups, Lie groups


Ana Garcia Elsener

Doctor - Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - 2017

Interests: Associative rings and algebras Combinatorics


Chiara de Fabritiis

PhD, SNS Pisa, 1994

Interests: Differential geometry Functions of а complex variaЬle Operator theory Several complex variables and analytic spaces


Anna Fino

Full Professor

Interests: Differential geometry Geometry Topological groups, Lie groups


Ilse Fischer

Dr., University of Vienna, 2000

Interests: Combinatorics Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures Statistical mechanics, structure of matter