Members List

United States

Hélène Barcelo

PH.D. in Mathematics, University of California, San Diego, 1988

Interests: Algebraic topology Combinatorics Convex and discrete geometry Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences

United States

Valeria Barra

PhD in Applied Mathematics, NJIT, May 2018 Masters of Science in Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena, 2010 Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena, 2008

Interests: Computer science Convex and discrete geometry Differential geometry Geometry Numerical analysis Partial differential equations


Karin Baur

Interests: Combinatorics Commutative rings and algebras Topological groups, Lie groups

Great Britain

Natalie Bayfield

Property Valuation and Finance 1998 currently studying Mathematics exp. 2022

Interests: Computer science History and Biography


Rajae Bentahar

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Modelling and Scienti c Calculation, 2014 Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, Fez, Morocco

Interests: Fluid mechanics Ordinary differential equations Partial differential equations


Luise Blank

Prof. Dr.

Interests: Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization Numerical analysis

United Kingdom

Jaine Blayney

Interests: Biology and other natural sciences Combinatorics Computer science Operations research, mathematical programming Statistics


Oriane Blondel

Interests: Probability theory and stochastic processes Statistical mechanics, structure of matter


Andrea Blunck

Dr. rer. nat. Universität Hamburg 1990 Habil. TU Darmstadt 1997

Interests: Geometry Group theory and generalizations History and Biography Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory


Doris Bohnet

Doctoral degree, Universitaet Hamburg

Interests: Classical thermodynamics, heat transfer Dynamical systems and ergodic theory Geometry Mathematics education


Ivanna Bondar

Phd of Math, Senior researcher

Interests: Difference and functional equations Integral equations Operator theory Ordinary differential equations


Christin Borge

Interests: Abstract harmonic analysis