Members List


Ailbhe Cassidy

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics

Interests: Information and communication, circuits Ordinary differential equations Partial differential equations Probability theory and stochastic processes


Sofia B. S. D. Castro

MSc. Mathematics, University of Warwick, UK PhD. Mathematics, University of Warwick, UK Agregação (Portuguese), University of Porto, Portugal

Interests: Bifurcation theory with symmetry; New Economic Geography Dynamical systems and ergodic theory Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences


Anna Maria Cherubini

Academic researcher, University of Salento, from 1997 Temporary professor, University of Verona, 1995-1997 Postdoc fellow, University of Bologna and Padova, 1993-1995 PhD In Mathematics, University of Bologna, 1993 Degree in Mathematics, University of Bologna, 1988


Fatma Cicek

2011, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bogazici University, Turkey 2014, Master of Science in Mathematics, Bogazici University, Turkey

Interests: Analytic number theory, Random matrix theory


Iryna Denega

PhD in Mathematical Analysis (2013, Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

Interests: Functions of а complex variaЬle Geometry


Georgiana Duma

Interests: Algebraic topology Associative rings and algebras Astronomy and astrophysics Biology and other natural sciences Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization Classical thermodynamics, heat transfer Commutative rings and algebras Computer science Field theory and polynomials Fluid mechanics Geophysics Group theory and generalizations History and Biography Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory Mathematical logic апd foundations Mathematics education Mechanics of particles and systems Number theory Operations research, mathematical programming Optics, electromagnetic theory Systems theory; control Topological groups, Lie groups


Ana Garcia Elsener

Doctor - Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - 2017

Interests: Associative rings and algebras Combinatorics


Chiara de Fabritiis

PhD, SNS Pisa, 1994

Interests: Differential geometry Functions of а complex variaЬle Operator theory Several complex variables and analytic spaces


Anna Fino

Full Professor

Interests: Differential geometry Geometry Topological groups, Lie groups


Ilse Fischer

Dr., University of Vienna, 2000

Interests: Combinatorics Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures Statistical mechanics, structure of matter


Romina Gaburro

Laurea in Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Trieste (1999); PhD in Mathematics, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (2004).

Interests: Partial differential equations