27 Jul 2018

5 reasons to become an EWM mentor

It is common to think that being a mentor is only about the altruism of helping others. But this is not the whole truth. Here are 5 reasons why mentorship is beneficial for the mentors themselves.


1. Reflect on your own growth

Is there a better time to review your own learnings and envision your future than when you are helping someone else? The questions you are going to ask your mentee will encourage you to take a moment to look deeper into yourself.


2. Develop your soft skills

Mentoring sessions are an excellent opportunity to improve your own skills in leadership, listening, questioning, empathising and rapport building.


3. Advance your career

In her book “Lean In”, Sheryl Sandberg talks about how women who advocate for their own benefit are perceived negatively by both men and women. Advocating for someone else or for a cause makes women feel more empowered and self-confident without being perceived as pushy or aggressive. And in the long run, added visibility and boosted self-confidence translate into better career opportunities.


4. Shape the future of the female mathematical community

We rise by lifting others.” ~ Robert Ingersoll

By guiding more junior women, you set the tone for the mathematical community. And the more empowered women there are in mathematics, the more prominent will the community of female mathematicians be as a whole.


5. Feel good

Helping others is intrinsically rewarding. Seeing someone makes you feel more relevant and boosts your own self-confidence.


You can learn more and join the EWM mentorship program here.

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