03 Sep 2018

EWM statement about ICM 2018

At the last International Congress of Mathematics in Rio de Janeiro four leading mathematicians have been awarded with the Fields Medal: Caucher Birkar (Cambridge), Alessio Figalli (ETH), Peter Scholze (Bonn) and Akshay Venkatesh (Stanford). We congratulate them wholehearted for this tremendous recognition of their work!
With Maryam Mirzakhani being recognised with a Fields Medal in 2014, it means she will remain the only woman to have received this honour at least for another four years. But we should not be discouraged. Let us instead take this as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the crucial importance and responsibility of EWM for highlighting contributions of women mathematicians. To do so, we should continue to showcase women contributions in mathematics, raise the profile of women mathematicians, volunteer to serve on committees of international mathematical associations and mathematical award committees, nominate female colleagues or encourage others to nominate them, and overall help to build a scientific atmosphere without boundaries.

Elena Resmerita and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (EWM convenors)

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