14 Jun 2022

ERC Information session for European Women in Mathematics

Are you considering applying to an ERC grant? Are you interested in knowing if this is something for you? Join us in this session where first, Maria Gonzalez, the panel coordinator of the Mathematics panel, will give an overview of the different funding schemes available, as well as of the evaluation process. This will help you better understanding how to write an application. Her talk will be complemented by the personal experiences of 3 ERC grantees from the different schemes: Fanny Kassel (StG 2016), Kathrin Bringmann (Cog 2020 and former StG) and Sylvie Meleard (AdG 2021).

You can join this session on June 20, 14:00 CEST – 15:30 CEST using this zoom link:


Meeting-ID: 639 4973 6430

Passwort: 760702

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