29 Jan 2022

Christine Bessenrodt (1958 – 2022)

EWM mourns Christine Bessenrodt, who passed away on 24.01.2022 after a serious illness. Christine Bessenrodt held the Chair of Algebra and Number Theory at The University of Hannover since 2002, working on the representation theory of finite groups and algebras, algebraic combinatorics and number theory.

Christine Bessenrodt has worked in many ways to promote equality for women mathematicians. In particular, we are immensely grateful for her commitment to the European Women in Mathematics as well as her many years of dedication as a representative for diversity and equal opportunities at the German Mathematical Society. For example, the Emmy Noether Lecture at the DMV’s annual conferences was Christine’s initiative.


  • I wrote two joint papers with her and had much additional mathematical contact. We also shared in many enjoyable conversations, meals, sightseeing activities, etc. I am very sad that I will not be seeing her again.

  • Oh, I am so sorry to hear it. I found out about Prof. Bessenrodt’s demise just now while trying to find some of her work. She was very kind to reply to our random queries last year, and we were thinking of writing to her again.

  • Wir haben beide unser Studium 1975 in Duesseldorf begonnen und sind sehr schnell aufeinander aufmerksam geworden. Es macht mich sehr traurig, von ihrem Tod zu erfahren.

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