09 Feb 2024

Association of Women in Mathematical Physics (AWMP)

Dear colleagues and friends,

we are delighted to share with you the information about the newly created

Association of Women in Mathematical Physics (AWMP) 
a non-profit organization founded in 2023 with the aim of
  • encouraging and supporting women in the field of mathematical physics throughout their studies and professional career;
  • establishing a network and meeting space for women in mathematical physics;
  • promoting diversity and equal opportunities for all individuals in mathematical physics, in particular providing a place for exchanging ideas and good practices.
A list of the activities currently promoted by the association can be found at the AWMP webpage:
Any person working in mathematical physics who identifies as female may become an ordinary member of AWMP. Any researcher in mathematical physics (as well as any legal entity) is welcome to become a supporting member of the association, and participate in AWMP activities.
Membership requests can be submitted at any time through the form available at this page. Researchers interested to be updated about AWMP activities and announcements might consider subscribing to the AWMP mailing lists, at this page.
The current members of the Association come from various countries from Europe, North-America, South-America, Asia and North of Africa. Still we aim to increase the visibility of the AWMP in other countries, to attract more members and to design and develop a diverse set of activities to promote and support women in the field of Mathematical Physics around the world.
For these reasons, we would be grateful if you could circulate this announcement among potentially interested female researchers in mathematical physics, and potentially interested supporting members.
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