29 Aug 2022

Live event in Lund: “From PDEs to Green Banking”

What can I do with a PhD in mathematics? Who might be interested to employ me? And how much will I use mathematics in an employment outside of academia?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind you should join our talk where our speaker will talk about her journey from a PhD in mathematics to a career outside of academia!


The speaker for the event: Judith Berendsen

Following her master in mathematics at the university of Amsterdam (UvA) Judith started a PhD at the University of Münster, her thesis was titled: “Cross Diffusion and nonlocal interaction: some results one energy functionals and PDE systems”. After completing her PhD she started working as a financial risk model developer and later as a Credit Risk manager in Amsterdam.


We would be happy if you want to join us on Monday the 29th of August, 17.00 (Swedish time), live in Lund. 

After the talk we will be serving PIZZA!