25 Oct 2018

Conference on Women in Uzbekistan

25-26th October 2018, Khiva, Urgench – UZBEKISTAN.


The aim of the conference is to establish scientific relations with the cooperation of women experts in the field of mathematics and mechanics as it is considered as the most active research area in our republic & to support collaboration between them.

The next aim of the conference is to work with the world mathematicians, foundation, associations, and to introduce Uzbek women experts with the mathematical associations (IMU, CWM, EWM, OWSD, and …)

The Republican scientific-practical conference with participation of foreign women scientists had a total of 96 registered participants, mostly women. Registered participants came from 4 different countries (Central Asia), and also 9 different regions of Uzbekistan distributed as follows.

The conference was aimed at the implementation of scientific and technical programs in priority areas of science (Pure and applied mathematics and information technologies), the further strengthening of international scientific cooperation, the involvement of women scientists in this field of science and the promotion of their ties with leading experts in this area. Participation in the conference of young scientists, specialists, interns, researchers and undergraduates from Urgench State University, and also from universities of the republic Central Asia Countries was envisaged.

During the conference, in addition to sectional and plenary reports, the following discussions were organized: WORLD WOMEN IN MATHEMATICS: Bakhyt Alipova, International Information Technology University and Muhabbat Rakhimbayeva, Urgench State University, in particular, made a presentation on the TV (Uzbekistan).

A collection of theses and a conference program were published, which includes 66 theses 97 authors (96 p.).

For statistics (from Brief info for Uzbek Mathematics Society to IMU 2018) in Uzbekistan, there are 20 universities, 45 institutes, 2 academies, 10 regional branches, and 7 branches of foreign universities. Most universities have a mathematical faculty, others have departments of mathematics. There is a special research Institute of the Academy of Sciences Uzbekistan named after V.I. Romanovskiy, Institute of Mathematics. (Most of them situated in Tashkent) Society has a network connecting approximately 100 full professors and 600 associate professors working in different regions of Uzbekistan such National University of Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Samarkand State University, Urgench State University, Karakalpak State University, Namangan State University, Fergana State University, Qarshi State University and etc.

  • What about the women in all of them?
  • Women of them full professors – no more than 5%
  • Women who are actively working and studying in them only 3-4%.

We talked about the problems for defending a second degree (for full prof. position) in our and other countries of CA. The problem of women is that they could not participate in events, to write propose projects, and participate in scientific societies; to provide more travel and research grants and scholarships. It depends on, they have not enough:

    • Publications in high Impact factor journals;
    • Collaboration with professors who are actively working on the field, work between women mathematics, such as it is one of the ways to develop scientific work.

On the other side, she is a woman. Role models play a role in these, experiences such as balancing family, career, research and responsibilities. And also during the conference professor participants talked about the history of the development of their career and the role of the family in this.  We discussed how to develop courage and self-confidence in this. Here is very important for having networks organize special conferences, workshops for women mathematicians.



Azamov Abdulla (President of Uzbek Mathematical Society, Uzbekistan)

Abdullaev Ikram (Khorezm Mamun Academy, Uzbekistan)

Abdullaev Bakhrom (Rector of UrSU, Uzbekistan)

Marie-Francoise Roy (Chair of the IMU CWM, University of Rennes 1, France)

Baltaeva Umida (Head of the Department of Khorezm Mamun Academy, Uzbekistan)

Bakhyt Alipova (President of CAWMA, IITU, Kazakhstan)

Lyudmila Alexeyevna Alexeyeva (Kazakhstan),

Raimova Gulnora (Institut Mathematics, Uzbekistan),

Sadullaeva Shahlo Azimboevna (TUIT, Uzbekistan),

Zhyldyz Assanova (KSPU, Kirgizistan),

Baltaeva Iroda Ismoilovna (UrSU, Uzbekistan),

Bobayarova Nargiza (UrSU, Uzbekistan),

Vaisova Mokhira (UrSU, Uzbekistan),

Numukhamedova Nargiza Saidillaevna(NUUz, Uzbekistan)


Khorezm Mamun Academy,

Urgench State University (UrSU) (Uzbekistan),

Uzbek mathematical Society (Uzbekistan),

International University of Information Technologies (IITU) (Kazakhstan)

Sponsored by:

International Mathematical Union (IMU) Committee of Women in Mathematics (CWM),

European Mathematical Society (EMS) Committee for Developing Countries (CDC)