The geometry of tensors and the maximum likelihood degree

Ada Boralevi

Elisa Postinghel

Mathematical perspectives on general relativity

Carla Cederbaum

Trends in ring theory and related topics

Laura Cossu

Zahra Nazemian

The role of learning theory in machine learning

Sophie Langer

Nicole Mücke

Algebra and geometry behind data

Anna-Laura Sattelberger

Miruna-Stefana Sorea

Geometry: its development, newest advancements and applications

Hana Dal Poz Kourimska

Gudrun Szewieczek

CA18232: Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks

Marjeta Kramar Fijavž

Eszter Sikolya

Groups from theory to computations and applications

Marialaura Noce

Algebraic methods in life sciences

Marina Garrote-López

Beatriz Pascual

Roser Homs

Nonlinear partial differential equations and calculus of variations

Antonella Nastasi

Cintia Pacchiano Camacho

Riikka Korte

Real algebraic geometry in action with a view toward optimization

Charu Goel

Salma Kuhlmann

Variational Methods and Nonlinear Analysis

Ana Cristina Barroso

Elvira Zappale

The sessions are planned to be 2-3 hours, with 25 minute talks, 5 minutes questions. It could be beneficial to have an introductory talk for the symposium.

Please note that EWM cannot financially support the speakers in such sessions, except for situations when the speakers might qualify for a travel/accommodation grant.

The deadline for proposals for mini symposia was on February 28, 2022.