Travel grants – information for expenses claims

Eligible costs


EWM aims to serve their members needs in the best way possible. Our travel grants can be used for a variety of conference travel related expenses, for example

  • registration fees
  • travel to/from the conference (economy class)
  • accommodation during the conference

In general we do not reimburse for meals or taxi fees. If this would lead to unbearable circumstances in your case, please consult  before your trip to reach an agreement.

Expenses claims

In order to claim your expenses, please complete the EWM travel grant spreadsheet and submit the spreadsheet together with all receipts to

In the spreadsheet, please give a number to each receipt and describe the receipts in a list containing:

  • the date of the receipt
  • a short description, e.g. “accommodation: 3 nights, Hotel “Europa”
  • the amount written on the receipt
  • if the receipt is in a currency other than EUR, the conversion of the amount written on the receipt to EUR

Your spreadsheet should furthermore contain

  • the amount of your EWM travel grant and the date you received the grant notification
  • your Bank account details, preferably as IBAN and BIC/SWIFT. Don’t forget the exact name of the account holder
  • the conversion rate you used, if applicable, best with a screenshot.