22 Dec 2019

Women in Operational Research, 2019

The Banff International Research Station (BIRS) hosted the “Women In Analysis” workshop in Banff from June 9, 2019, to June 14, 2019.

Their intent was to start a Women in Analysis (WoAN) research group with a one-week collaboration workshop at BIRS. The workshop hosted eight different research teams of five/six women each in different, but related, subject areas in Analysis and Partial Differential Equation. Each team was led by internationally recognized women experts in these fields. By building teams that include women at all career stages, the workshop will form mentoring and collaborative networks that will strengthen the careers of all participants, develop new interdisciplinary research activities, train junior mathematicians, and increase the visibility and professional connections of participants. In addition, it offered an avenue for informed career development pertinent to women in analysis and creating a database of information and professional opportunities relevant to women in this mathematical field.

The video of the Women in OR panel session is now available here.

In addition, you can download a report of the workshop here.