18 Feb 2022

Faces of Women in Mathematics

www.facesofwomeninmathematics.com is the project website of the film project Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona, follow-up project of the 2018 film Faces of Women in Mathematics. The WWMTC2021 project was initiated by five research mathematicians from four countries who cooperated with documentary filmmaker Irina Linke. It collected the testimonies of women mathematicians after the first year of the pandemic and aims at increasing the visibility of women in maths.

“Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona”,¬†which was launched on May 12th 2021 and selected later that year as part of the UNESCO Exhibition “Creative Resilience: Art by Women in Science”.

Film and website can be shared, disseminated and expanded. The website contains an “Events” page with a list of past and upcoming events, film screenings and exhibitions. It also links to social media profiles of facesofwomeninmathematics on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.