28 Aug 2013

EWM Moldova 2011-2013

Moldova is a small country, with population around 3.5 million inhabitants, where women make up about 51%. Unfortunately, in the areas of leadership that percentage is not maintained. The research we have is contained in the following statistics: only 67 of 403 doctors habilitate are women; 654 women and 707 men hold a Ph.D. in science. Women represent about 80% in the field of Education in Moldova. Unfortunately there is an increased index of population migration in recent years in Moldova, especially among youth. This is due to the political situation and especially the country’s economic situation: low wages, low employment opportunities. Of course, interest in research and education, where the wages are the lowest, is declining, particularly in the areas of real profile. For example, the available places for Mathematical studies at the State University of Moldova (the largest institution of higher education in Moldova) financed from the state budget have not been filled yet after the first stage of enrollment in 2013. Under these circumstances it is quite difficult to promote science and research in this field.

I have been a member of EWM since 2006, when I accepted the proposal to act as regional coordinator of women mathematicians in Moldova in EWM. Since then I have attended all EWM meetings: Cambridge, 2007; Novi Sad, 2009; meeting with women mathematicians integrated into the World Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad, Hyderabad India, 2010; Barcelona, 2011. The Moldovian women mathematicians interested in the work of EWM have been regularly informed about the activities during such meetings. In general, my EWM related work focused on informing women mathematicians from Moldova about EWM, main events, summer school opportunities, scientific meetings, research work of women in other countries, etc.

Currently, EWM records eight members from Moldova. At least once a month we meet at the State University of Moldova on scientific seminars to discuss various scientific, research issues, and opportunities to participate in various international meetings. In 2012, Mrs. Galina Rusu, member of EWM, participated at the joint events on the occasion of the 6 th European Congress of Mathematics in Krakow, Poland, on July 2-7, 2012. I can not insist on the payment of contributions by members of EWM because of both low wage level and the lack of real international opportunities in support of research in the Republic of Moldova. In this respect, I propose to initiate joint research projects within EWM, financed by European funds, which would make it possible to attract and harness the intellectual potential of several women mathematicians from different countries. I believe that this would only enhance the good reputation of EWM. The interest in EWM would increase considerably, to a large extent become a lifesaver for many young women who are put in dilemma to choose research or family. Being the mother of four children, I know these problems well.