28 Aug 2013

EWM Germany, 2011-2013

Reported by Andrea Blunk

On the German list of EWM members, there are 46 persons.

We are trying to (re-)establish regular German EWM meetings. After the meeting in Aachen (April 2011), in November 2012 a two-day meeting took place in Bielefeld with about 40 participants. The meeting was organized mainly by Barbara Gentz (Bielefeld). In addition, the organizing committee consisted of Barbara Baumeister (Bielefeld), Christine Bessenrodt (Hannover), Andrea Blunck (Hamburg) and Evelyn Buckwar (Linz). The main speakers were Nina Gantert (München), Caroline Lasser (München), Sarah Rees (Newcastle) and Katrin Tent (Münster). Moreover, there were shorter presentations by female PhD students and postdocs, a poster session, a round table discussion, and, last but not least, social events like a joint dinner. More information and some photos can be found here:


The meeting was part of the conference program of the DFG-funded CRC 701 “Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics” at the University of Bielefeld.

For the next meeting, an organizer and a place have already been found, however, the date has not yet been fixed.

In 2011, about 13% of the professors of mathematics at German universities were female. This means that the number is (slowly) increasing. Among the non-professors (with mostly non-permanent jobs), the proportion is about 24%. Christine Bessenrodt maintains a website


with a map showing how many female professors there are at the math departments at German universities. One can see at a glance there are still many departments with no female professor at all (14 out of 69).