Online seminar list 2020

List of online mathematics research seminars


With face-to-face teaching suspended, researchers try to stay connected by online seminars. The Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation maintains a calendar view of many upcoming talks.

Below is a list of such seminars pointed out to us by EWM members. We focus on European-based seminars and selected US-based seminars as pointed out to us by our members. For more seminar lists, see the links below.  If you know of any other such seminars, please write to us on _at_ If you wish to attend a locally organized seminar, i.e. without the “one world”-tag, please be aware of limited hosting capacities of many organizers, and contact them beforehand.


Algebra, Topology, Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry

Analysis, PDE, Integrable systems

Probability Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Combinatorics, Statistics

Scientific computing, Data Science, Optimization

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UK based, time in BST (GMT+1)

Mainly US based, time zone  not always immediately clear):


Virtual Conferences 2020


Virtual summer schools, open to all (registration needed! please check site!)