22 Sep 2018

Postdoctoral Research Positions at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MPI MiS) invites applications for several Postdoctoral Research Positions.
The MPI MiS is located in Leipzig, Germany and cooperates with Leipzig University. Research at the MPI MiS exploits the fruitful interaction between mathematics and the sciences. We not only apply existing mathematical methods and techniques to the sciences, but also transmit the conceptual and structural approach of mathematics into new areas of research, and, vice versa, translate scientific questions and problems into mathematical challenges.
This mission lives on an interdisciplinary approach to mathematical and scientific questions and we attack these questions by means of scientific exchange, collaboration, and cooperation with researchers from all over the world.
Our offer
PostDoc position for 1-3 years
No teaching duties, but the possibility to teach an advanced course in our international graduate school.
We provide a scientific environment where you are encouraged to explore new scientific directions and where you will find many partners with whom you can discuss a wide range of scientific ideas.
Deadline December 1 (starting date flexible).
For more information: https://www.mis.mpg.de/career/postdoc.html