10 Oct 2018

Postdoc in theoretical physic / applied mathematics

We are delighted to offer a postdoctoral positions for 2 years in the field of the interaction of x-ray radiation with matter, with the goal of developing new strategies for combining coherent x-ray diffraction and x-ray spectroscopy in a unified approach. The offered theoretical, computational project will be at the boundary
of physics, chemistry and applied mathematics (inverse problems and optimization). It is a joint project between DESY and the department of mathematics and physics at the University of Hamburg

For detailed information about the position, we refer to: http://www.desy.de/v2/docs/1537780889-e.pdf

Deadline for applications: 22 October 2018
Application via the online system: https://www.desy.de/career/job_offers/online_application/index_eng.html