17 Jul 2021

postdoc in fluid dynamics or statistical physics

Lund University Mathematikcentrum is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join the fluid dynamics group.

The group currently consists of G. Brüll, C. Geldhauser, S. Pasquali, E. Wahlen and J. Weber, conducting research in nonlinear dispersive equations, point vortices, and 3D water waves with vorticity. We offer an active research environment and opportunities for career development in our young, dynamic and diverse group of scholars.

The researcher should contribute to the third-party funded project “Stochastic Models of Turbulence” of C. Geldhauser and potentially other research projects, e.g. the ERC project 3DWATERWAVES of E. Wahlen. If the applicant wishes, some teaching may also be included in the work duties. To contribute to above projects, it would be desirable that the candidate has experience in fluid dynamics / nonlinear PDEs, fractional heat kernel estimates, statistical physics or stochastic analysis.

The position is primarily thought a full-time employment of 1-2 years, but deviations and part-time employments are possible. The period of employment depends on the preferences of the applicant and governmental regulations, which have several parameters, such as the date of the PhD, parental care/sick leave times.

Interested individuals are invited to fill in this form and send the following documents as 1 pdf file to carina.geldhauser@math.lth.se.

  •  CV
  • a link to your professional homepage or equivalent (e.g. MathSciNet or arxiv author link, EWM profile)
  • list of publications with links to the arxiv preprints or other openly available versions of the papers
  • a brief description (max 1/2 page) of your mathematical background, your interests and where you see yourself 3 years from now.

A first screening of applications will take place in Mid-August.