01 Feb 2024


University KU Leuven

Application Deadline February 23, 2024

Original Job Offer

PhD position on Tensor Compression for building Machine Learning Models

The KU Leuven research groups NUMA and ADVISE offer a full-time position as a doctoral researcher for a maximum of four years, with yearly evaluation.
The objective of this PhD position is to develop tensor-based compression algorithms for efficiently building machine learning models for high-dimensional, spectral images in agrofood applications. In this research work, you will first evaluate the performance of tensor decomposition and compression when applied to spectral data and fed into a machine learning pipeline. Subsequently, you will go well beyond the state of the art and develop novel methods that adapt the tensor decomposition to align better with the machine learning goal (e.g., classification, regression, clustering).
The position fits in a larger project that is a collaboration with the DTAI research unit of the Computer Science department and the MeBioS division of the Biosystems department.
The proposed starting date is 1 March 2024. You will have an office on the KU Leuven campus in Geel working with Prof. Mariya Ishteva.