30 Sep 2022

Doctoral student in numerical analysis

PhD position in numerical analysis about Numerical methods for coupled environmental problems at the Center for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden

The project is about so called coupled multiphysics problems, specifically the interaction of two partial differential equations across an interface. In particular, we consider environmental models involving air and water flows. Examples are atmosphere-ocean interaction within a climate model or the coupling of groundwater flows with river systems. The standard is a partitioned approach where existing codes for the subproblems are reused and they interact via the exchange of boundary information.

In this project, we design improved partitioned methods for time dependent problems, and analyze their mathematical properties. A key ingredient are so called waveform iterations. The final result of the project will be not only new/improved methods and mathematical results about their properties, but also an implementation in an open source C++ library.

Starting date is as soon as possible and the application has to be sent in online via this link until 20th of october: