18 Jul 2022

7 Postdoc positions in “theoretical multi-messenger astrophysics” at University of Hamburg

The successful research associates will conduct original research on the timely topic of “Theoretical Multi-Messenger Astrophysics” in the group of Prof. Stephan Rosswog. The particular focus will be on the
theoretical/numerical modeling of the electromagnetic and neutrino
signals of major gravitational wave sources. Demonstrated expertise in
the relevant areas of theoretical astrophysics (general relativity, hydrodynamics, nuclear equations of state, neutrino physics/transport, nuclear reactions and/or radiative transfer) and of computational physics/supercomputing are of particular interest.

For more information please contact Professor Stephan Rosswog under stephan.rosswog@astro.su.se. For more details and for instructions how to apply please use the following link: