27 Jul 2022

Online student event “How to find your area of interest”

What parts of mathematics am I the most interested in? On what topic should I write my graduate thesis project? And in what field of mathematics do I want to work in the future?

If you have been thinking about any of these questions, then don’t miss the chance to get answers and join our talk!


Our speakers for Wednesday, July 27th, 12pm UK time, on zoom:

Anja Petković Komel – Postdoctoral researcher at TU Wien. Research interests: type theory, proof assistants, automated theorem provers.

Tamara Grossman – PhD student at University of Cambridge, co-funder of Her Maths Story and engaging in the Philippa Fawcett Internship Program. Research interests: image processing, inverse problems, partial differential equations and deep learning.

Gemma Crowe – PhD student at Heriot-Watt, Scotland, and co-lead of the Piscopia Initiative. Research interests: geometric group theory.


This event will be held on zoom.

Meeting ID: 644 4539 1961

password: insert the largest prime number below 100

problems to login? write to website@europeanwomeninmaths.org

Tyra Samenius and Carina Geldhauser (both Lund University)