11 Mar 2019

goMATH – Women in Mathematics

From 11–22 March 2019 the Department of Mathematics of ETH Zurich organizes a series of events on women in mathematics.

The highlight of the first week of the programme will be the symposium where internationally renowned female mathematicians will present their current research.

The second week focuses on the career opportunities that are possible when studying mathematics. Female mathematicians from different industries exchange their experiences with pupils and students. Another focus of the second week will be mathematics itself were school children will enter the world of mathematical thinking in workshops for school classes.

The programme is accompanied by a two-week exhibition in the main hall of ETH Zurich, which will illustrate the research and professional life of female mathematicians in the past and today. The exhibition will also show the objects of the mathematics competition.

More information at https://www.math.ethz.ch/news-and-events/events/gomath-women-in-math.html