17 Mar 2021

ELLIIT career talk #1 and women’s fika

Degree in Mathematics – what comes next?

What can I do with a degree in mathematics? Who might be interested to employ me? How do I find my next job? How does my career advance? How much mathematics will I be using in a job in industry? And what do I have to if I (don’t) want to keep working at a university?
If any of these questions has crossed your mind previously, then come to our series of career talks to find out!

Current lineup for  Wednesday, March 17th, 17:00h:

Gianne Derks, Hedda Anderson Professor at Lund University and Professor at the University of Surrey, UK

Gianne’s research is on dynamical systems and applications in biology. She will speak about her way to a professorship in mathematics.

Franziska Knauer, KFW Bank Frankfurt

Franziska studied at Heidelberg University, Germany, with a thesis on dynamical systems and applications to biology. She is now scrum master at KFW, making sure that things work well on the server side.

The events are sponsored by ELLIIT, the Linköping-Lund initiative on IT and mobile communication,  gender funds. In addition to the talks, which are open to everyone, individuals of underrepresented gender have the opportunity to have a virtual “women’s career fika” with the speakers in a small group directly after the talk.


Time plan:

  • 17.00 – 17.15h  get to know each other
  • 17.15h first talk
  • 17:50h second talk
  • 18.20 – 19.00h women’s career fika

Login Data: LU zoom, Meeting ID: 652 5290 5883
The password is the largest prime less than 100.