29 Jul 2024

Dynamics Days Europe 2024


Dynamics Days Europe 2024 in Bremen

Dynamics Days Europe is a series of major international conferences
founded in the 1980’s that provides a European forum for developments in
the theory and applications of dynamics. For more than 40 years, it has
been bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds
including physics, mathematics, biology, and engineering for
interdisciplinary research in dynamical systems theory and applications.

Dynamics Days Europe 2024 will take place in Bremen, July 29-August 2,


The webpage features a mailing list via which updates about DDays 2024
will be posted on a regular basis. A registration for participation is
necessary. Please check the webpage for instructions and registration fees.

Conference topics include ergodic theory, topological and homogeneous
dynamics, dynamics on graphs, machine learning, bifurcation theory,
dynamics and geometry, nonlinear waves, fluids, computational methos,
medical and neuro-dynamics, and more.

Confirmed plenary speakers are Viviane Baladi, Hillel Furstenberg,
Ursula Hamenstädt, Jürgen Kurths, Viola Priesemann, Omri Sarig,
Vlad Vicol, and more to come.

Contact: bremen2024@dynamicsdays.eu