12 Nov 2012

12th Forum of Young Women Mathematicians

The 12th forum of young women mathematicians  was held at IHP (Institut Henri Poincaré), Paris, France, November 12th to 14th.

Details on the program here.

Its topic is “Algebra and geometries”.

The forum  is organized  by  the French association `Femmes et Mathématiques’ in association with the  CNRS  (National Center of Scientific Research),  its  `Mission pour la place des femmes’ (Mission for women’s integration),  its National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INSMI),   its Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies (INS2I), and  with the   French Ministry for Higher Education and Research. It is also supported by  the French Mathematical Society (SMF), and the French Society of Applied Mathematics (SMAI).

There will be plenary lectures  given by   prominent mathematicians as well as parallel sessions  with short  lectures given by  young mathematicians. Besides the scientific program, mentoring sessions will  be provided to young mathematicians, as well as   awareness  activities on  parity issues between  women and men in higher education  and research.


The call for communications is opened to PhD students and  to young mathematicians  who just  defended  their PhD. Applications from male mathematicians will be  considered with the same criteria as the applications  from women mathematicians.  Applications from European countries are also welcome.
Submissions  in  all mathematical fields are welcome, but  a preference will be given to the theme of the forum, namely  `Algebra and Geometries’.


Inaugural lecture

• Claire Voisin, CNRS, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu. Académie des Sciences.

Invited lectures

• Anne Quéguiner-Mathieu, LAGA, Paris Est Créteil.

• Barbara Schapira, LAMFA, Université de Picardie.

• Marie-France Vigneras, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris 6.

• Nathalie Wahl, Université de Copenhagen.

• Julia Wolf, CMLS, Ecole Polytechnique.

Important dates

September 15th 2012 : submission deadline

October 15th 2012 : notification of acceptation

November 12th to 14th : 12th Forum


Organization committee

• Valérie Berthé, LIAFA, Université Paris Diderot,

• Laurence Broze, EQUIPPE, Université Lille 3,

• Irène Marcovici, LIAFA, Université Paris Diderot,

• Marie-Françoise Roy, IRMAR, Université Rennes 1.

Scientific committee


• Eva Bayer Fluckiger, MATHGEOM, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne,

• Anna Cadoret, CMLS, Ecole Polytechnique.


• Anne-Marie Aubert, CNRS, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu,

• Indira Chatterji, MAPMO, Université d’Orléans,

• Zoe Chatzidakis, Université Paris Diderot,

•  Tan Lei, LAREMA, Université d’Angers,

• Christine Vespa, IRMA, Université de Strasbourg.

Program committee

• Valérie Berthé, LIAFA, Université Paris Diderot,

• Aline Bonami, MAPMO, Université d’Orléans,

• Laurence Broze, EQUIPPE, Université Lille 3,

• Pascale Bukhari, CNRS,

• Céline Grandmont, INRIA Rocquencourt,

• Christian Kassel, IRMA, Strasbourg,

• Véronique Lizan, ARPEGE, Université Toulouse 2,

• Marie-Françoise Roy, IRMAR, Université Rennes 1.


V. Berthé



Additional Info

  • Place: Institut Henri Poincaré 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75021 Paris France
  • Date or Period (start): Monday, 12 November 2012
  • Period (end): Wednesday, 14 November 2012