Women in math - Portraits

These portraits are often extracted from EWM Newsletters. They also include individual portraits coming from Women Mathematicians around the World, a Gallery of Portraits.

Namesort descending Country of birth Country of studies Country of residence
Agata Smoktunowicz Poland Poland Great Britain
Alexandra Antoniouk Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Alicia Dickenstein Argentina Argentina Argentina
Amel Ben Abda Tunisia France Tunisia
Barbara Kaltenbacher Austria Austria Austria
Beryl Nelson United States United States Poland
Betül Tanbay Turkey United States Turkey
Bodil Branner Denmark Denmark Denmark
Budi Nurani Ruchjana Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
Caroline Series Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain
Cheryl Praeger Australia Australia Australia
Christiane Rousseau Canada Canada Canada
Corinna Ulcigrai Italy United States Great Britain
Dongmei Xiao China China China
Dusanka Perisic Republic of Serbia Republic of Serbia Republic of Serbia
Eugenia Rosu Romania Deutschland Romania
Frances Kirwan Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain
Galina Riznichenko Russia Russia Russia
Gert-Martin Greuel Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland
Irena Lasiecka Poland Poland United States