07 Oct 2016

2016 EWM-EMS Summer School in Sweden

The aim of European Women in Mathematics summer schools is to provide a stimulating intellectual en- vironment for PhD students and post-docs from different countries and different mathematical disciplines. In February 2015, the European Women in Mathematics and European Mathematical Society opened a call for proposals for the organization of the 7th summer school of a series initiated by the European Women in Mathematics.

For the 7th edition – to be held at the Institut Mittag-Leffler (IML) in Summer 2016 – the selected proposal was about Geometric and Physical aspects of Trudinger-Moser type inequalities.

Starting from the state of art, the 7th edition of the school aimed at promoting new directions in sharp limiting inequalities of Trudinger-Moser type and applications to problems arising from Geometry and Physics.


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2016 EWM-EMS Summer School “Geometric and Physical aspects of Trudinger-Moser type inequalities”