Women in math - Reports

Title Date Authorsort ascending
Women mathematicians in France in the mid-twentiedh century 2015-02-26 Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach
Global Gender Gap Index 2015-04-22 World Economic Forum
MUM AND POSTDOC AT SISSA 2016-03-09 Virginia Agostiniani
Newsletter 26 – European Commission – Directorate-General for Research – Unit scientific culture and gender issues 2009-06-24 Vera Fehnle
Women in Science:The Missing Links 2007-12-07 UNESCO Courrier
The first numerical experiment - Mary Tsingou in 1954 at Los Alamos 2014-01-26 Thierry Dauxois
Seven Practices of Working Mother Researchers 2010-09-30 Takako Hashimoto
Women Mathematicians Around the World, a Gallery of Portraits 2013-12-31 Sylvie Paycha
Women in Science in Italy. 2012-11-12 Susanna Terracini. Extracted from Romana Frattini and Paolo Rossi:
An empirical analysis of the gender gap in mathematics 2009-10-31 R. Fryer, S. Levitt
Are boys and girls equally prepared for life? 2014-10-19 PISA
Nature's acting against unconsious gender biases 2012-11-22 Olga Lukina, on the material provided by Lisbeth Fajstrup
Gender bias in peer review: studies and reports 2012-08-01 Olga Lukina
Gender bias in hiring 2012-09-20 Olga Lukina
The position of women mathematicians in contemporary Russia 2007-10-13 Natalia Lyulko