Women in math - Portraits

These portraits are often extracted from EWM Newsletters. They also include individual portraits coming from Women Mathematicians around the World, a Gallery of Portraits.

Namesort descending Country of birth Country of studies Country of residence
Dusanka Perisic Republic of Serbia Republic of Serbia Republic of Serbia
Elena Resmerita Romania Israel Austria
Elisabetta Strickland Italy Italy Italy
Eugenia Rosu Romania Deutschland Romania
Frances Kirwan Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain
Galina Riznichenko Russia Russia Russia
Gert-Martin Greuel Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland
Irena Lasiecka Poland Poland United States
Irene Sciriha Malta Malta Malta
Irina Kmit Ukraine Ukraine Deutschland
Jaya Iyer India India Indonesia
Johanna Weber Deutschland Deutschland Great Britain
Kaisa Matomäki Finland Finland Finland
Karin Baur Confédération Helvétique Confédération Helvétique Austria
Kasia Rejzner Poland Poland Great Britain
Katrin Wendland Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland
Lisbeth Fajstrup Denmark Denmark Denmark
Luz Myriam Echeverry Colombia France Colombia
Margarida Mendes Lopes Portugal Portugal Portugal
Marianna Freiberger Great Britain Great Britain Great Britain