An italian article and a discussion about local cultures in Europe

this discussion took place on the discussion list of EWM and we thought it was so interesting that we wanted to insert it in our forum discussion on the new website

It started with an invitation to have a look at an article

and here the discussion goes

dear all, I guess English is a lingua franca.
So the paper was about woman, Maria Cannata 57, Master in Math
with a thesis on stochastic processes,
today in charge ...of the Italian Public Debt.

She has had a career at the Minister of Treasury.
As often in very difficult moments,
some realize the right man for the job is a woman.
The article says she is competent and *imaginative* about
State financial products (to counteract Finance and
financial markets).

some news about Foundation Marisa Bellisario:

a Foundation for women entrepreneurs, that among other
thigs, keeps an archive of excellent curricula of women
fit for high jobs in the public administration.

you have to clock either Italian or English.
It is funny the quite different photo they have on the Italian
and on the English home page. Cultural differences? ..:)
I like the Italian one, but would have definitely made it much
less titillating to a male taste:)
(would have been sufficient to lower the large bag)

Love, Laura Tedeschini


To be sincere I find stereotypated the image in the Marisa Bellisario
Fondazione page.

She is not she, she's without face and she's overdressed and boring at the
same time.

It's an idea of woman with no personality, a boring dress, an eagerness
for career but unconvenient shoes. She's not beautyful, she's just someone
else idea of a woman that climbs up in her career.

The climbing is definitely a bad "image".

Anna Guerrieri

dear all, I agree with Lisbeth, let's take the discussion
on our blog.

On the other side, please, do read the article about (former mathematician)
Maria Cannata, and do not be mislead by the taste of women in
entrepeneur career, which might well be not our own.

They are still paying an effective service to us all,
via articles like this, and via the database of excellent curricula
for the public administration.
It would seem Math is part of an excellent curriculm.
I find it interesting.
Let's ignore the slit, we are not enterpreneurs

Thanks to all and love,


dear all

we are currently preparing activiely the new ewm website (replacing the current EWM website as well as the former blog) and forum discussions will be part of it, we should certainly include the on going discussion !


Marie-Francoise Roy

Dear All 

What a great exchange! I can recognize myself in every single one of the points of view, even if some of them seem contradictory. (And I comfort myself that "consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds", although I am sure I am taking that quote out of context.

Best wishes, Ingrid Daubechies