2012 Gender Summit - Report and Recommendations from Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Marie-Francoise Riy

The 2012 Gender Summit held in Brussels made three major final recommandations.

It was also the opportunity to discover the videos winning the Science it’s your thing video contest

Dear friends

I attended the summit, as EWM convenor, as well as Dusanka Perisic as member of the Women in Math Committee of the EMS. It was quite interesting.

Marie-Francoise Roy

Message received from Elizabeth Pollitzer elizabethatportiaweb [dot] org [dot] uk (<>)

Dear Summit Participants, and Friends


I have the pleasure to attach the report from the Summit, which includes your three major recommendations as well as the text of the speech given by Dr Anneli Pauli, the Deputy Director General, DG Research and Innovation.  I would be most grateful if you could distribute the report through your networks, wherever suitable


Apologies for any duplications


I hope you will have a lovely X-mas holiday break


Kindest regards






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